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SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga, Nuad Boran Seated Neck and Facial Massage

SomaVeda™ Thai Yoga, Nuad Boran Seated Neck and Facial Massage

By Anthony James DM(P), ND, MD(AM), DPHC(h.c.), SMOKH

Neck and Facial Massage techniques can be incorporated in to almost any sequence or attitude of a SomaVeda Thai style session.

Working on the client in in sitting postures: Sukhasana, Sidhasana, Svastikasana, Padmasana, or Baddha Konasana and or kneeling in Vajrasana or Virasana working both sides of the posterior neck, the head and a facial sequence standing behind the client.

Basic Steps: (Remember to focus on the breath. All techniques are to be visualized as extensions of the breath and Prana. Our primary goals in treatment are Promiiwihan Sii or Love, Compassion, Joy and Equinimity. Our techniques for sharing our love are sophisticated and affect mind, body and spirit.)

1) Forearm wedge and Rolling Forearm:  (Both knees are down) Leaning forward work one side at a time. The hands are together in Namaskar Mudra. The upper fore arm is placed gently over the ear and levers the head directly to the opposite side to resistance. The Lower arm is the power arm and starting in the “palm down” position presses and rolls from palm down to palm up. Work at last three positions or points on the line directly on top of the should and trapesius muscle. Start as close to the neck as you can get and work out as far as you can without falling off.

2) Tiger Hand: (From a Lunge position supporting the forehead) The Tiger Hand is strong and uses a type of “C Clamp” compression with all of the fingers held tight together. Pressure is on the finger tips which are held stiffly. This gives a “bite”! Start low on the neck / posterior cervical muscles and work or squeeze five points from just above C-7 to the base of the head or Atlas/ Occipital area. There is a squeezing and kneeding motion as you work into the muscles and soft tissue on either side of the neck. Work the line three times.

3) Hand V technique: Now extend the fingers out so that the pressure will come from the actual base of the 1st and 2nd Carpal bones. This is also a kneeding and squeezing type of technique. Work the same line again as worked with the Tiger Hand. Work the line three times.

4) Vise Thumb: Interlace and lock the fingers together and then invert the hands, turning the palms out. Lean slightly forward and raise the elbows like wings while extending the thumbs. To create pressure it’s more a matter of dropping the elbows than squeezing the thumbs. Work the second and or third outside neck lines lateral to the spine. Work five points three times.

5) Cranial Lift: Sit close behind the client in Virasana. Place the thumbs in the two cranial base points (GB-20) on either side with the fingers spread out over the temple. This technique has two steps. First roll the clients head back and face up towards the ceiling. This places the base of the head directly on top of the thumbs. Then drop the elbows and project the thumbs upward creating leverage against the base of the head and decompressing the Atlas/ Occiput. Hold for ten count.

6) Posterior Cranial Base Points: Pretty simple. Simple support the forhead with one hand and thumb press into the cranial base point. Focus the energy towards the center of the head. Hold for Five count and then do the opposite side.

7) Thai Head and scalp Massage: Still sitting from the back. Finger circles on the temples and thumb press with side to side snake thumb up the center of the back of the head.

8) 12 line Facial: This is our basic facial. The strategy is to use thumb circles and pressure to simply draw 12 lines on the face each terminating at the Lom or wind gate in front of the ear. This point is over the madibular joint area of the upper jaw. Lines 1, 2, and 3 are upper forehead, middle forehead and lower forehead. Do each of these lines one time each. Line 4 is the eye brow ridge above the eyes. Do line 4 three times. Lines 5, 6, and 7 are upper, middle and lower nose being careful not to invade the nostrils. Line 8 is the Maxilla point dead center between the nose and mouth. Line 9 is just outside the corners of the mouth. Line 10 is the cleft or upper chin point found directly between the mouth and point of the chin. Line 11 is the front edge of the jaw bone or mandible. Finally line number 12 is directly under the edge of the jaw, All twelve lines terminate at the same Lom in front of the ear.

9) Auricular/ Ear Massage: Grasp the outside edges of the ear and using thumb and finger pressure squeeze and massage the entire ear from top to bottom three times.

10) Ear cupping: Rub the hands vigorously together until warm. Take a deep breath and as you release the breath gently cup the ears and hold them for a ten count. As you do this visualize your breath circulating through your heart (Micro-cosmic orbit) down your arms and through your hands circulating right through the clients head.

SomaVeda Thai Yoga, Nuad Boran Seated Neck and Facial Massage by Aachan James

One practice idea is to exchange this flow before doing a long seated meditation and or Pranayama and see what happens!

This lovely elegant flow is one of many beautiful Vinyasana flows incorporated into the SomaVeda™ system. To learn the SomaVeda™ Thai Acupressure model we have very detailed professionally produced DVD at BeardedMedia.Com

To learn from Aachan Dr. Anthony James in person come to class! Visit us on the web at ThaiYogaCenter.Com and ThailandStudyTours.Com


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