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In a Season of War, Work to Cease the War Within

Dr. Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MD(AM), SMOKH

In a Season of War, Work to Cease the War Within

by Dr. Anthony B. James DM(P), ND, MD(AM), SMOKH

Director of Education and Seminary at ONACS Thai Yoga Center and The SomaVeda™ Institute of Natural Healing. We live in a polluted world, full of disease, sickness and death.  War is the ultimate environmental pollution. The effects are insidious, immediate, catastrophic, acute and have become long lasting and chronic. War is both a symptom of complete inner imbalance and a cause of long term negative emotional issues that span generations.

It’s not enough to work and live for general health and wellness. Our medicine has to address the primary diseases that concern us, our clients and our patients. By delving inside, we can find solutions to the external problems that so often take over our health and our lives.

The ultimate origins of our inclinations towards mass murder and war are both ignorance of our own mechanical nature and our lack of effort and practice to bring knowledge, character and balance to our selves and our environment. We simply do not work on ourselves in any long term, practical and meaningful way.  As a result, we are not in harmony with either ourselves, each other, or our environment.

War and political machinations of coercion, power and violence on a global scale are no different than the subtle yet catastrophic violence we see in the home or sometimes in our own heads.  On the large scale, war is justified because of its grandeur and patriotism. Within ourselves, we justify our own lack of consciousness and love and then extrapolate and eventually dictate what amounts to harm to others. On an increasing scale, when everyone of us does this, it amounts to an entire world that is involved in conflict and conflagration.

What then do we do?

A SomaVeda principle to apply when dealing with any acute or chronic condition is called “Proximal and Distal”. Proximal means to work as close to the issue as possible or directly on it without making it worse. Proximal is palliative and addresses the immediate chronic condition. Distal means to find the original underlying causes and correct them, thus removing both the genesis of the issue and the propagation of possibility for recurrence of the issue in the future. In other words, “it’s about curing before occurring”.

We can translate this principle to our own lives. Start working on yourself today. Make a commitment to learn how your inner workings. Make a commitment to begin working on the expression of your own inner issues and “demons”. Be forgiving to yourself and to those around you. Drop offenses like hot cakes and forgive quickly as if your life depended on it because it does and it will. Release and hold no negative accounts against any person and practice a healing art or discipline of some kind; no matter if just for your self or for one other person.

When you intentionally express love, care and consideration over time something has the possibility of changing for the better. In a moment of genuine expression of compassion you are contributing less to the chaos of the world and instead creating peace. Chaos on the inside equals chaos on the outside. Peace on the inside equals peace on the outside. The chaos of the world relates to what the Thai’s say: Murnkan, mai murnkan = “Same, same but different”. The way to save the world begins by learning how to love yourself. Step one towards learning how to love your self is to obtain and maintain a self!

In this season of peace and giving, let’s work hard on ourselves for the benefit of humanity.

The political sentiments of the following video have no affiliation with the Thai Yoga Center.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Dr. James…. I love how we have the opportunity to experience so many different flavors of life and love through the work that you are promoting.

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