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Fundamental SomaVeda® concepts are supported by research

Dr. Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MD(AM), SMOKH

Fundamental SomaVeda® Concepts are Supported by Research.

By Anthony B. James

An interesting article on concepts and research into DNA that supports many of the ideas I express in every SomaVeda® Thai Yoga class or program.

How does SomaVeda® work?

Essentially our art is rewriting the DNA code. We teach that human beings are stress adaptive human biological transformational organisms and that all chronic emotional, mental physical and spiritual issues are reflective if not out right caused by disruptions in one or more of five distinctive bodies. These five bodies have tangible physical correlates such as tissue, fluids and waste as well as less tangible correlates such as prana, orgonne, chi, breath and life force. The functioning five bodies have cognitive correlates as well in the form of thoughts, intuitions, attitudes, intentions, visualizations and imaginations.

What doe SomaVeda do or treat?

SomaVeda® seeks to restore disharmonies and errant dis-equlibriums to synch with the natural resonance of the five bodies and the expression of consciousness manifesting in the body politic. These disharmonies and disequilibriums create states of friction and tension similar to what scientist and researcher Wilhelm Reich called “sympatheticatonia”, contriction, inflamation, acidosis and overall stress patterns and anxiety indicated in all five bodies. These stress patterns could be called disease, chronic pain, mental illness etc. For a more detailed explanation for what is SomaVeda® Click here! (1) (2)

How do we do it?

We use both traditional Vedic, Native American and Traditional Naturopathic palpation and the reading of signs and symptoms coupled with scientific assessment test and biologic/ biometric assessments coupled with focused intention, prayer and skillful manipulation to support harmonious and synergistic equilibriums and wellness which strongly support the patient, communicants own innate self healing inclinations.

What are SomaVeda® Programs like?

The typical SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Program is a seven to 10 day therapeutic protocol encompassing about 10 to 12 hours hands on contact and consulting. Each day or session involves a different emphasis and by the final session we have covered or addressed issues in all five bodies, all pri,ary and secondary Chakra, Prana Nadi or Thai Sen lines. We have brought energy, attention, consciousness, breath and pressure to over 700 balancing Lom or Marma points and as many as 300 different Yoga Therapy Asana. Every session emphasizes breath, (Pranayama) and the spiritual, vibrational aspects of energy disruptions. Techniques are Dosha and body style or bodytype (Prakruti/ Vikruti) balancing and address yin/ yang and alchemical imbalances of the five elements. Using hands on healing, pressure, rhythmic compression and rocking we bring the client into states awareness and oneness. Sessions are deeply relaxing and support structural integration as well.

Programs are gentle, supportive, comprehensive and deliberate covering areas of energetic, nutrition, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual necessity. Because we use the whole person to facilitate healing and wellness for the whole person we are by definition holistic and integrative providing safe, reliable and genuine solutions to discomfort, pain and suffering. In simple terms we assist those we lay hands on to integrate their entire being.

What are the primary outcomes SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practitioners strive for in every session?

“Promiiwihan Sii” or the Four Divine Outcomes: Love, Compassion, Joy and Equinimity

Is SomaVeda® new?

Not at all! SomaVeda® Integrative Traditional Therapies, Thai Yoga has been in continuous practice and development by Dr. Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MD(AM), DPHC(h.c.),RAC since 1983 and has been taught to more than 20,000 students directly from over 30 countries. A deeply spiritual and philosophical person of mixed Native American heritage, Dr. Anthony B. James wrote and published the very first book in English on Thai Yoga and Traditional Thai Massage in 1983 titled “Nuat Thai, Traditional Thai Medical Massage”, Meta Journal Press, Atlanta GA. Additionally Dr. J holds two Doctorates in Natural Medicine/ Traditional Naturopathy, Medicine, Pastoral Humanities and a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine with additional professional medical training and board certification in over 25 specialties including homeopathy, herbology, flower remedies, radionics. Now teaching and practicing SomaVeda® full time for over 30 years. (Biographical info on Anthony James)

Where can I learn more about SomaVeda® Integrative Traditional Therapies: Thai Yoga trainings, certificate and college degree programs?

At the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center: http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com


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